All about Kitchen Island

All about Kitchen Island

Party Hub, Command Station, Dinner Table

A place perfectly fits your whole family to gather around. Relax, cook and chill with each other. Most of the clients may be wondering what is the function of kitchen island, will they fit into your cooking space, do I really need it to place in my home?



Cleaning and Preparation Area

Build in a preparation sink and additional cooking area. It may be the main function to use your island as a cleaning center. The additional of a kitchen island countertop can be used as a food preparation area where a little more effort is required to plan and design it. It is a simple worktable, placed at the heart of the cook space where you can actually sit down to break bread.


Storage Area

Maximising storage space and property value with the help of a kitchen island is a worthwhile investment. The kitchen storage may be double up with extra kitchen island drawers, pull out shelves and cabinets. Alternatively, it is possible for built-in appliances like a fridge, oven and dishwasher.


Room Dividing

Recommend for open-plan kitchen, living area and dining. Instead of floating the kitchen island, it’s right against the wall, doubling its functionality as a partial room divider. Develop a kitchen island between kitchen and dining room as a room barrier is an alternative to walls.

Social Centre

Also since islands are the hub of activity in the kitchen, kitchen island can act as a dining area for families. Incorporate a kitchen island bar or breakfast bar, to have a access between you and the guest while cooking and preparing meals. It can also be planned as a multi-functional workspace too.


Focal Point

Kitchen island can emphasize the overall look of the kitchen, to catch the eye of any guest, giving something special to focus on other than a wall of boring cabinetry. Similar to a kitchen renovation, a kitchen island can instantly boost your property value.


To get an expert’s opinion on design and the best layout works best for your kitchen cooking space, do reach out to us to get more information.