Geometry design and build is a professional Interior Design Turnkey Contractor and your indispensable partner in realising your dream project, from consulting, material selection, execution, customer engagement, finishing and handover.


  • Impart Singapore renovation practice and workmanship to Malaysia

  • Own carpentry mill at Setiawan & Johor Bahru with 25 years experience supply & install carpentry to nationwide (Singapore & Malaysia)

  • Standard operation up to 44 QA/QC checklist item and 54 workmanship procedures

  • More than 10 in-house professional designers to provide services
  • To Become One of the Listed Renovation Firms in Malaysia, providing an innovative Renovation Business Platform suitable for all ranges of interior designers, subcontractors, and suppliers that surpasses traditional business management
  • To offer an EXTRAORDINARY one stop solution to meet every customer need and requirement from construction, engineering, development and interior design.

  • To exceed the expectations and satisfactions of our customers, suppliers, and employees.

  • We are a magnet for outstanding talent as we offer a stimulating, professional, high growth, healthy, happy, innovative environment that rewards, recognises and celebrates our people.

  • To be a leader and role model to the entire industry in terms of talent, product quality, service, innovation, work environment, customer experience and business growth.

carpentry mill

With over 20 years experience in customizing carpentry, finishing carpentry and cabinetry installation, we have established a carpentry mill to specially provide carpentry solutions to residential and commercial properties. Alongside our experienced team which is comprised of master tradesmen, our company commits to deliver a service of exceptional quality. We strive not only to meet our client’s requirements – but also our own high standards.

Every piece of quality bespoke furniture produced by the team carries Geometry’s unique stamp of approval. It is a stamp of quality assurance without compromising extensive carpentry expertise. Customer can be assured that premium quality is delivered with meticulous attention to detail – no shortcuts is ever allowed to product ourcomes. As such, our craftmen make each piece of carpentry according to the designer’s exact specifications and ensure that it is expertly finished and durable.