House Renovation Step by Step Guide

House Renovation Step by Step Guide

Organize the Process and Save Your Sanity

Where to start

Consider whether the renovation project is the right for you at the first place. It should be the most transformational project in your lifetime.

Step by step renovating helps us to understand what we required, how long it takes, the quality and costing of each projects.

  1. Planning and Designing

Assess the sketch and design plan with your exclusive interior designer. Set your priorities on how the remodel should progress.


  1. Budgeting (Renovation Cost)

Nail down a budget with your interior designer. The budget will be affected by any issues you encounter during house renovation but in the other hand it decided what you could or couldn’t afford. You will have to compromise with an alternative in your budget range.


  1. Quotation

Have a consultation with your executive interior designer to provide a quotation for whole renovation, the proposals, orders, deliveries. Expect that high-end products and fine furnishings take time to make and deliver. ID will guide you with the scope on choosing the materials which suits your design.


  1. Start Renovation

The renovation will start with demolition, work behind the walls, paint and install flooring, install cabinet and the final touch up of the details and decorations.


  1. Construction

Interior designers will help to act on your behalf to manage the entire remodelling checklists and ensure that the renovation process will proceeds according to your requirements. Super IDs take pride in real-time tracking and reporting, on-site project and contractor management and guaranteed on time.


  1. Completion Checklist

After the construction is complete, ID will follow up to make sure everything’s get done perfectly with the requirement of clients.


And you can move in now!


Tell us your concern, space planning and renovation stage, we’re happy to take things forward from there. For more information about our design process, do not hesitate to drop us a message.